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World Hearth Circle of International Cooking

Welcome! The World Hearth Circle of International Cooking was created to bring together cooks and connoisseurs from all over the globe. Through food we celebrate glorious diversity, in cuisine and culture. If you have a site that contains: international recipes, information on ethnic/international cooking, folklore of food or the cuisine of various cultures, join us!

Steps to Join the Circle

Step 1. Choose one of the following:

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Please note: If you use AOL for your mail, you MUST cut and paste the code from one of the above 3 choices, because AOL interprets all HTML in email as a web page, and thus will not allow you to use code emaied to you.

Step 2. Register your site in the queue, using the following form.

Step 3. Once you have installed the HTML and graphics on your site, email me and tell me you are ready. I will happily add your international cooking related site.

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